Efficient consumption and transparent costsWe are guided by transparency
We are the actual price + the cheapest feeNo permanence, no exit costs
We always look for tailor-made solutionsWe are motivated to help you every step of the way
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We are green energy and fair price
We are green energy and fair priceAt NeoLux we think it is fair to have a price indexed to the market; so you pay for what you consume. Our goal is to be the most competitive in the sector being 100% renewable. We do not have permanence, nor exit penalties.
At Neolux we want you to understand your bill so you can take control of your expenses.
At Neolux we want you to understand your bill so you can take control of your expenses.It is useless for us to say that we are going to save you money, without really helping you to do it.
We are 100% renewable
We are 100% renewableFor us it is important to take care of the planet and that is why we are 100% green. We are 100% green through 100% renewable origin guarantee certificates (GDO). In the market there are many rates that offer you clean energy but not 100% green. It is the difference between those who treat it as just another product and those who care about the planet by offering only energy from renewable sources.
Advantages of connecting to Neolux
SavingsUp to 40% off your bill compared to large utilities.
SustainabilityOur goal is to raise people's awareness towards a more efficient and 100% renewable energy consumption.
TransparencyIn our App you will have daily updated information of your consumption data and market prices.
InnovationWe optimize your situation through energy efficiency and state-of-the-art technology.
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